Our momentum guarantee is designed to help each Student-Partner create the necessary momentum with their online e-commerce business to get past the build-and-grow phase so that they can begin the scaling phase to take their business to the next level and start to earn significant income. We meet our Student-Partners halfway in the process, creating the ultimate win-win scenario. Tecademics guarantees that each Student-Partner will reach momentum with their online business with a total of at least $12,500 in gross sales, or the Student-Partner can request a 100% refund of their Student-Partner dues.

To request a refund, Student-Partners must prove that they are following the step-by-step process that our Ecom Advisors are providing for them. If a Student-Partner goes through the Ecom Incubator program for the full year and doesn’t reach at least $12,500 in gross sales from their business, then we will assign a one-on-one e-commerce coach to them for 30 days to ensure their success. If they still have not reached $12,500 in gross sales after that point, then they qualify to receive a 100% money back guarantee.