Our Process



The EMPLOYEE PATH empowers you with highly-sought-after, continuing education that will make you extremely attractive to many employers looking to advance their company’s online-based marketing.

This curriculum path will advance your current skill set so that you can be positioned for promotion within your existing company or secure your ideal employment position. The EMPLOYEE PATH will give you the knowledge needed to create stability and opportunity within any company.


The ENTREPRENEUR PATH, like all our curriculum paths, is designed to teach you the most current, up-to-date and relevant, specific core skills within the internet marketing category of your choice. The main focus of the ENTREPRENEUR PATH is to advance your knowledge through continuing education so that you can acquire the skills required to advance or develop your own business.

Courses include education on business development, like business plan writing and revenue modeling, as well as other tactical classes like basic accounting for entrepreneurs, how to create a compelling sales presentation, and one of the most important courses, how to ask for the money and secure the sale. The ENTREPRENEUR PATH will empower you with the skills you need to dominate the internet marketing agency category.


The MENTOR PATH is, by far, our most detailed and sophisticated path. This path focuses on coaching, training, and creating new products for the internet marketing industry. Obviously, the MENTOR PATH requires more time in the classroom than other paths. You will engage in continuing education courses that advance your baseline skills in areas such as public speaking, mentorship, effective coaching, human psychology, the science of learning, personal development, product development, product launches and so much more.

The MENTOR PATH not only teaches you how to be an effective mentor, coach, and speaker, it also takes the information you learn at TecAdemics and empowers you with the ability to create a course based around one of your passions, hobbies, or interests. For example, if you become an expert in Facebook Ads, you will learn how to take that skill, convert it into a product and profitably launch it to create your own automated income. The MENTOR PATH concentrates on extending the lifetime value of your customer and transfers the skills you need to build strong, long-lasting relationships.

  • The key to the TecAdemics accelerated learning process is a combined courseware set of continuing education designed to produce extraordinary results in a very short period of time.

Foundational Courseware

These are continuing education classes you will participate in regardless of your specific chosen accelerated learning path. These Foundational courses give you the common pool of knowledge required to understand thoroughly, at a high level, the internet marketing industry and how to rapidly advance in your chosen path.

Skills Courseware

These classes are focused on the specific internet marketing category you have chosen including categories such as SEO, SEM, e-commerce, email marketing, content marketing, etc. These classes serve as the substratum of your entire accelerated learning path strategy.

Tactical Courseware

These continuing education classes conclude the process and provide students with the precise knowledge required to embark upon the accelerated learning path of their choice. Each Tactical Courseware set is specific to an accelerated learning path. Whether you choose the Employee Path, the Entrepreneur Path, or the Mentor Path, you will be decidedly well-prepared and empowered with this continuing education.

For example, if you choose the ENTREPRENEUR PATH, one of the tactical classes will be about how to write highly-effective proposal letters to secure new business. If you choose the EMPLOYEE PATH, one of your tactics classes would be how to write an impressive resume or how to create a compelling employment interview. Regardless of your chosen accelerated learning path, the Tactics Courseware will help fill the gaps where other education left off.