Company culture is not a Ping Pong table

  • At Tecademics, we are more than that. There is a heartfelt dedication coming from every team member, to create a place where “we GET to go,” not a place “we HAVE to go.”


It’s a fact that unless you win the lottery, are a trust fund baby, or you’re a gifted athlete, or famous actor, you have to work to sustain life.

Our philosophy is, heck, if that’s true – WHY NOT MAKE IT FUN!!!

We’ve found that two core fundamentals must exist for our culture to thrive:

First, all team members must stay focused on their passion, centered on tasks which they enjoy. Our Chairman, Jim Piccolo states, “when people work within their passion, W-O-R-K is not a four letter word.”


Second, all team members must feel a sense of empowerment within their duties. “Knowing that you have the power to make decisions, and that management will have your back, is extremely liberating,” states VP of new product development, Phillip Lechter.

Money is essential to human existence, and all businesses have one thing in common – people.

  • Team members at Tecademics are taught to LOVE people, and to USE money, not to USE people and LOVE money. In a world where too many people hate their job, it’s refreshing to see this much concentrated effort put into creating a loving environment.