Tecademics North Scottsdale Campus


The gorgeous Tecademics campus is a 25,000 square foot educational facility which regularly hosts week-long training sessions in our many classrooms throughout our site.

The hub of Tecademics is located in the office district of Kierland Commons, at the heart of North Scottsdale in sunny Arizona.


We discovered that when our students have the opportunity to collaborate and share best practices, they learn quicker, and retain their knowledge indefinitely. The LAB is a carefully designed learning environment, engineered to promote comfort and maximize communication. Brainstorming white boards plank an entire wall, with each desk angled specifically to create individual space, giving our students the comfort they desire to practice their newly acquired skills.



The Loft is our 7500 square foot collaborative Co-Working space. We provide a flexible workspace designed to meet your needs, equipped with white boards, meeting rooms, special access to our studio, kitchen, WiFi, power outlets, couches, treadmills and even a basketball rim for times when you need to have a little fun. Whether you need one desk or eight, Tecademics makes it easy create your ideal office space without long term commitments.

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The links is our corporate conference room that reflects the unique table design. This table is designed with twelve individual pods, representing the people sitting at the table in their individuality. It’s overall shape resembles a bicycle chain, representing the fact that the individuals are “LINKED” together. The diamond shape pods in the center bond all of the individual pods to represent a diamond gem, which is known as the hardest mineral known to man. Stunning is an understatement, it has become a legendary icon within our Scottsdale campus.


We take pride in being able to facilitate most marketing needs. The Studio is specifically designed for audio and video creation. Whether you need to capture stunning photos, film a viral-worthy video, or record your weekly podcast the studio is yours for the taking. Capture stunning photos with your choice of three different backdrops including a green screen, black backdrop and a white backdrop. In addition, it comes equipped with a sound booth perfect for podcasts. If your wanting to film a viral-worthy video, we got you covered there too! AR/VR capabilities are available as well. The studio is available to our co-working members, students and the digital marketing community at large.

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