Impact Series

Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training

IMPACT is 4 modules of comprehensive primer revealing the exact knowledge you require to rapidly grow your successful Shopify store in the economy of today, and tomorrow. IMPACT first builds your foundation for long-term sustainability, to researching the markets and building keystone relationships. You’ll be driving volumes of traffic with your carefully designed advertising campaigns, and the fundamentals of digital marketing which will help you to strategically position your store for a firm foundation.


Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Maximize your marketing potential with Instagram, List Building for repeat purchases, Copywriting strategies…

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E-commerce with Shopify

Build your foundation with the fundamentals of Shopify, revealing the “HOW-TO” of constructing your Shopify store for…

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Facebook Ads Starter System

Drive volumes of traffic to your Shopify store with this Module, which trains you in how to conduct niche research…

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Print on Demand

This Module shows you how to eliminate your inventory, and simplify your business model with print on demand. You will learn…

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