Monetize is for the committed entrepreneur and business owner who wants to understand and leverage the critical aspects of e-commerce, internet marketing, and business marketing. This covers the mechanics of creating an online business, strategizing complex digital marketing campaigns, and the bedrock of critical business applications. Not intended for the hobbyist, Monetize is designed by Tecademics master business strategists and business specialists for you to create the business of your dreams.

Monetize combines the proven science of Instructional Systems Design, with the mastery of expert business and internet marketing practitioners. This intensive program takes place over the course of six full weeks, and takes place LIVE in person at TECweek, here in Scottsdale, Arizona. At Tecademics, we believe the key to success is accountability and teamwork. We request you bring a student-partner with you, as this dramatically improves your chances for success compared to doing this alone.

The rigorously developed curriculum of Monetize is segmented into the 3 phases of creating an internet company, with each phase covering the critical areas of proficiency: Build, Grow, and Scale. Each proficiency consists of 10 full-day courses, taking two weeks to complete each segment of the program. Upon completion, each course provides you with a certification of competency.

The BUILD phase of your business covers your online business proficiency.

It teaches you the fundamentals of drop-shipping, print on demand, advertising, and search engine optimization. You’ll be able to build your online business, implement powerful applications to improve revenues and maximize conversions to increase profits. Additionally, you’ll be creating compelling advertising using niche research, learn to avoid compliance risks, build highly targeted ad sets on Facebook, and discover the high-level tactics of metrics and ranking in search engines.

The GROW phase encompasses your Digital Marketing proficiency.

The advanced certifications you’ll receive will cover modern marketing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and the list goes on. You’ll discover how to build your brand, leaving an impression on anybody who comes across your company. Build your presence using the Google Display Network, Pay Per Click, video ads, social media marketing strategies, and list building. You’ll understand how to create attention grabbing advertising with the art and science of conversion copywriting, persuading your customers to take action to buy from you. All of this will transfer to the process of creating a sales funnel, the start to finish system you’ll use to completely build a business around you.

Finally, the SCALE phase is your Business proficiency.

You’ll discover the many avenues of creating a company with multiple streams of income. You’ll learn the systematic process for product launches, flipping online businesses, selling your products on Amazon using their FBA technology, advanced reporting metrics, and advanced drop shipping for enterprises. From there, you’ll learn the aspects of negotiation strategies with vendors, protect your assets with tax and legal foundations for entrepreneurs, credit profile management, and advanced sales techniques to drive the bottom-line.

Monetize is expertly structured to take the serious business person, and provide them the full comprehension and understanding you need to create a successful online enterprise. Your full class schedule is listed below, detailing every course description and course outcomes, so you know exactly what you’ll learn when you join us at Monetize.



Facebook Advertising 101

This course lays the foundation you need to start building Facebook ads that effectively target your…

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Facebook Advertising 201

Hone your Facebook ad skills with a deep understanding of funnel frameworks and ad optimization…

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Facebook Advertising 301

Advances your testing strategies to rapidly-identify the ads which consistently rake in the cash, and scales them…

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Print on Demand 101

Reveals one of the BEST ways that makes money as fast as possible for beginners, by outsourcing a digital artist to…

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Print on Demand 201

In this class we teach students how to create designs that can be put on physical products and sold…

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SEO 101

Explore the anatomy of search engines and the fundamentals of what it takes to rank highly …

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SEO 201

Capture an in-depth look at search engine metrics and competitor link analysis. Boost your …

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Shopify 101

Dive into the fundamentals of drop-shipping and how to set up an e-commerce store on the Shopify platform…

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Shopify 201

Deepen the strength of your Shopify store with precision Facebook ads and more refined software…

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Shopify 301

Creates the winning business strategy for maximizing the profits for every visitor to your site. Finally, you’ll access the…

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Ad Copywriting

Ad Copywriting will reveals how to effectively grab the attention of the consumers who come across your websites or stores…

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sales funnels

Branding and Exposure

Branding will teach you how to build your own brand, and imprint a lifelong impression on people when so they fall in love…

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Google Advertising 101

Start promoting your site with Google advertising through Google Search and Google Display…

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Google Advertising 201

Take your Google advertising skills to the next level! Deepen your strengths with Google Search, Google Display…

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Instagram Marketing

Reveals exactly how to advertise on Instagram, step-by-step, along with specific examples of successful ads and converting traffic…

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list building

List Building

This foundational class teaches how 7-figure pros set up a lead capture page, drive traffic to it, and capture leads…

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Roll up your sleeves and prepare to enter the fast-paced world of paid advertising. Receive the foundation …

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sales funnels

Sales Funnels

This class introduces different types of sales funnels and how to build them. This will improve your…

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Social Media Marketing Strategies

Discover the wealth of opportunity in social media for branding yourself as someone that people…

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YouTube Marketing

This course introduces the diverse opportunities that YouTube gives through paid video ads, and covers…

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amazon fba1

Amazon FBA 101

Students will learn the step by step process of getting their products listed on Amazon and techniques to help them sell well on…

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amazon fba2

Amazon FBA 201

Deepen your understanding of using Amazon as a fulfillment partner. Topics include Inventory management and selection…

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sales funnels

Certified Power Sellers

This COMPLETE TRAINING lays out how to position and list your store for sale. This is where you’ll find savvy investors…

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Credit Management

Discover the importance of credit management as you learn how credit scores and profiles can dictate…

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drop shipping

Drop Shipping

This class is to learn what drop shipping is, and how it works. Drop shipping is a foundational step that most Shopify store…

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Negotiating with Vendors

Learn the psychology of successful negotiations with time-tested tactics! Examine the principles…

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sales funnels

Product Launches

Lays out plain to see how to LAUNCH your own courses or digital products online. Then reveals the step by step process you’ll use…

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sales techniques

Sales Techniques

Sell with “New World” strategies that make you a trusted authority and relieve the pressure of old-fashioned…

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tax and legal strategy

Tax and Legal 101: Foundations

Obtain clear information to make important, strategic decisions about your business structure, tax issues…

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writing a business plan

Writing a Business Plan

Writing a business plan establishes a defined course helps guide an entrepreneur through the creation of a business while also…

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