Right of Rescission


A seven (7) day right of rescission applies beginning as of the date of the purchase. If the 7-day rescission period has expired, you may no longer rescind your purchase.

However, if you are purchasing access to a live event such as a conference or training opportunity, the 7-day right of rescission is reduced to the number of days prior to the event for which you made your purchase, less one day. Once the day before the event day arrives, you are not entitled to a refund. For example, if you purchase an event ticket two days prior to an event, your right of rescission is reduced to 1 day.

Buyers who purchase via credit cards agree, accept, and understand, irrevocably and without exception and without recourse, to waive all actions, rights, claims, or relationships of agency to any chargeback or disputed payment procedure or refund, invoked personally or invoked by any financial, banking, or any credit card institution personally or on your behalf with respect to any purchase initiated at this Web site or otherwise.

Customers paying by credit card agree to all terms and conditions contained herein, including, but not limited to, Tecademics’ operating policies and agree to waive all chargeback rights, effective on the date of purchase (or deposit) and in consideration of Tecademics’ Right of Rescission policies. If presented with a chargeback, Tecademics reserves the right to pursue legal action against the cardholder for breach of contract.