FAQs Concerning The Sale Of The Tecademics Curriculums to IQup

TOPIC = Lifetime Scholarships

  • 1. Who gets the Scholarships?


    All TecWeek/FAM/Accelerate/Incubator/Monetize product owners will receive digital access to all current and future educational courses from IQUP. If you have a current virtual office with Tecademics, nothing changes. That will stay live. There are over 30 classes with 200 hours of education available NOW.


    All original Tecademics tuition-based products are being delivered by IQUP in accordance with the original terms and conditions. All other Tecademics products (e.g., IMPACT) can be found in their original form in the Tecademics virtual office.

TOPIC = Live course schedule

  • 1. When will the NEW spring 2018 course schedule be released?

    NEW 2018 course schedule will be released by IQUP In November 2018. If you are eligible recordings will be made available for your review in your Tecademics Virtual Office. IQUP has a great new group of instructors, who are all practitioners and experts in the digital marketing industry. Fresh new curriculum will include case studies, in-class exercises, and homework all on up to date and current methods, systems and practices. This will be the most current education available in the marketing today. This will not be your typical industry “seminar.” All new curriculum is designed to comply with higher education standards.

TOPIC = Tecademics Affiliate Program

  • 1. Is the Tecademics Affiliate Program (PPP – or Ambassador Program) still in effect?

    On February 23, 2018, Tecademics agreed to have their entire suite of products fulfilled and sold by IQUP. Based on that transaction, Tecademics is no longer authorized to sell the same products, nor is Tecademics allowed to compete with IQUP. At that time, the Tecademics Affiliate Programs stopped, and the links that allowed affiliates to represent the products for sale on behalf of Tecademics were removed from the affiliate virtual office. All FINAL sales commissions will be calculated during the month of March 2018 – and all final payments will be made to affiliates April 1, 2018. All commissions will be net of refunds and chargebacks. Any commissions, bonuses, incentives paid to Affiliates on sales that result in a customer receiving a refund will be the obligation of the affiliate to reimburse commissions paid on those sales back to Tecademics.

    IQUP will be expanding its sales organization internally. Inside and outside sales opportunities may be offered in the future. If you have any interest in becoming an inside sale representative, or an outside affiliate for IQUP, please send an inquiry to support@iqup.com

TOPIC = Press Release Information

  • 1. How does the February 23, 2018 press release affect me?

    All original Tecademics tuition-based products are being delivered by IQUP in accordance with the original terms and conditions. All other Tecademics products can be found in their original form in the Tecademics virtual office.

    If you were an independent sales affiliate with Tecademics, that program is no longer available. See TOPIC = Tecademics Affiliate Program.

  • 2. How do I get my initial investment back?

    If you purchased a tuition-based product from Tecademics and are a former or current student, there are many ways to earn your initial investment back.

  • You could utilize your education for your own current business and increase sales of your products or services. With an education in Social Media, Ecom, Email Marketing, Content Creation, SEO or any number of the courses you had access to at Tecademics, you could leverage your education to improve your existing business.
  • If you don’t own a business, you could always start your own digital marketing agency. There are many business owners who do not desire to learn the skills of digital marketing. You could start an agency and charge a fee to assist those business owners improve their business.
  • There are many businesses looking to hire employees with skills in digital marketing. That could be you. The benefit to working “digitally” is you can perform services without having to be in the same geographic location. A quick search of job sites will open up a world of possibilities. Here are a few sites:
    • Indeed.com
    • CareerBuilder.com
    • Dice.com
    • Monster.com
    • LinkedIn.com
    • dealist.com
    • Google for jobs

TOPIC = 90-day Challenge Facebook group.

  • 1. I have requested to be allowed into the 90-day Challenge Facebook group, but there has been no response to my request. Can I get access?

    The 90-day Challenge Facebook group is a closed group that was established for Tecademics ecommerce students. Over 40,000 members received 90-days of FREE training from Tecademics during the 90-day Challenge special promotion. The students that are inside the group remain active; however, new members are not being accepted at this time. You are welcome to check back at any time.

    2. Will there be a chance in the future to enter the 90-day Challenge Facebook group?

    The 90-day Challenge Facebook group is currently being managed by Chris Record directly. We have no information if that group is going to be opened for new participants in the future.